TONISTeaching Others Nothing Is Sacred
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On September 29, Toni and Harold hiked for a while before going off the trail to some rougher terrain.
Harold dialled 911 to report that Toni had fallen 130ft off the edge of a mountain while taking a photo.
And just like he'd done with Lynn, he had Toni cremated within days before her memorial service.
While Harold told Toni's family conflicting stories about the fall, police received a number of tip-offs suggesting her death wasn't an accident.
Morrison's name and the title appear in equal-sized gold type, above and below a small band reading "WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE." The "Oprah" edition reduces the drawing to a small square in the center of the cover, again with Morrison's name above and the title below, but now with "TONI MORRISON" in plain type and the title italicized.
Yellow bands run across the top and bottom of the second photo, reading "Winner of THE NOBEL PRIZE in Literature" and "TONI MORRISON." The capitalization reduces the top inscription to its barest signification, equating Morri son's name directly with her prize.
"Read by the author," a Morrison audiobook presents a disembodied author: Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winner, reads her novel to you as you drive to work or sweep around the house.
In her message Toni told them of her rare condition - gender dysphoria - and how it nearly ended her marriage.
"But I thought I could control my problem and continue as a near normal male," Toni went on.
Toni told The Mirror she has the full support of her wife and their teenage children.
In "Knowing Their Names: Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon," Marianne Hirsch explores the possibility of a "dual masculine-feminine legacy" in Song of Solomon that negotiates the material presence of the mother in the African American family with the absence of the father.
This is all the more reason for scholars to revisit Song of Solomon, a novel that, had it been written by anyone other than Toni Morrison, would constitute in its own right a remarkable body of work.