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It will process 4000 tons per year and contribute to increased tea exports by 3% within two years,' she explained.
Hazardous industrial waste generated in Tunisia are estimated at 150,000 tons per year, of which 12,000 tons per year were treated before the closure of the Jradou centre, according to data published by "Prevention Plus Formation", a company specializing in the field of industrial safety and environment.
BEIRUT: The Italian Embassy inaugurated a solar energy system Wednesday with a peak output of 4.5 kilowatts of electricity, reducing the embassy's reliance on fuel oil by 1.2 tons per year, an embassy statement said.
Minister Karabalin noted that today the country's oil refining capacity equals 14 million tons per year.
The construction and the commissioning of the oil processing plant with the capacity of 10 million tons per year, will meet the country's demand for strategic oil product of the oil processing plant for next 20 years.
ACA urged EPA to maintain the existing thresholds of 100,000 tons per year of [CO.sub.2]e for new and existing facilities and increases of 75,000 [CO.sub.2]e tons per year for other sources, and not lower the thresholds down to 50,000/50,000 [CO.sub.2]e to capture more sources.
Its copper cathode production is expected to reach 100,000 tons per year, copper slag at 200,000 tons per year to be used by cement factories.
Qapco currently runs two low-density polyethylene plants at the site, having a capacity of 400,000 tons per year.
That compares with 170,000 tons per year already emitted into the Lane County air, according to LRAPA.
One adult human puts out about 1.2 liters of C[O.sub.2] per minute at light work, which equals 1.374 tons per year. Since we sleep one third of the time, and rest half of the awake time, round that off to half a ton per year.
The factory s production capacity is 200 thousand tons per year, said the release received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
LLC (Suralco) said it would curtail about 40%, or 870,000 tons per year, of production at its Paranam alumina refinery, reports Reuters (May 6, 2009).