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TBTTTake Back the Tap (water conservation)
TBTTTarget Beacon Transmit Time
TBTTTotal Bolus Transit Time (impedance measurement)
TBTTToo Busy to Talk (chat)
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At another company's pharmacy a patient might be greeted by a staff member telling coworkers that he's too busy to talk and hiding behind a monitor.
He did not provide further details, saying he was too busy to talk.
I was told that the official was too busy to talk to me and he would come back to me later to make an appointment.
For example, a spokesman for Midnight Oil Service in Shrewsbury was too busy to talk Tuesday about delivery issues because he was talking with an oil delivery truck driver who was stuck in the snow in somebody's driveway.
When his patient Grace (Jamal Fayad) comes into his office weeping because she can't forget her long lost son, the psychiatrist summarily hands over a prescription for a different medication and dismisses her, saying he's too busy to talk to her.
But I feel lonely - even my daughters are too busy to talk.
When a healthcare provider is too busy to talk about emotional concerns, the issues get buried and are never resolved.
Cora is disappointed when Dexter claims he is too busy to talk to her.
At first I pictured her being far too busy to talk to me because she was spending her days laughing uncontrollably at re-runs of some of the classic shows she has been involved in bringing into our living rooms.
Planners should never be too busy to talk to anyone.
She had been too busy to talk at the office, writing a funding application that could secure a six-figure grant for Herstreet, so she offered to be interviewed outside office hours.
TORY Minister Ed Vaizey is holding "speed dating-style" meetings - after claiming he is too busy to talk for long.