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TLTQToo Legit to Quit (song title)
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Morsi thinks he's too legit to quit but that's being tested by thousands of dissident voices who want him out.
Summary: Psy and MC Hammer perform a mashup of Gangnam Style and Too Legit to Quit.
Let's not forget that his last album, Too Legit To Quit, sold more than 5 million copies.
In an appropriately mocking response, Zulu paraded with self-congratulatory banners such as: "Momus Quit, Comus Quit, Zulu's Too Legit To Quit.
Having recently hosted and performed on the 1992 American Music Awards, Hammer is now preparing for his Too Legit To Quit World Tour, which will run in the U.
and the sampling, but neither loss detracts from the popularity of his new recording, Too Legit To Quit (Capitol).