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TSTUToo Stupid To Understand
TSTUTver State Technical University (Russia)
TSTUTernopil State Technical University (Ukraine, Ternopil)
References in classic literature ?
If you're too stupid to understand what I have been reading,' she says, 'get up and go to the glass.
The man listened round-shouldered, but seeming much too stupid to understand.
At first she imagined that it was due merely to the fact that I was a fool, "un utchitel"; wherefore she would break off her harangue in the belief that, being too stupid to understand, I was a hopeless case.
Basically, they think you and I are too stupid to understand that a carbon tax is a good thing, or too selfish to vote for it.
I was trying to work out if this is a brilliant play which I am simply too stupid to understand or whether it is all an arty confidence trick when something really odd happened.
But locals who know both killers do not agree - although they think the pair were too stupid to understand the impact of the racist abuse they hurled at Anthony before the murder.
Needing a nomenclature for devices too stupid to understand us, researchers at MIT combined limited vision and a series of ink strokes to come up with a written language for dimwitted hardware.
If the reporter disagrees, it's because he or she is too stupid to understand.
Unlike Naipaul, she shows no bitterness in the face of it, no shame and no regret: "I look at these people (Antiguans) and I cannot tell whether I was brought up by, and so come from, children, eternal innocents, or artists who have not yet found eminence in a world too stupid to understand, or lunatics who have made their own lunatic asylum, or an exquisite combination of all three.