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TOOFTime Out Of Force (insurance)
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But if this sort of fare was good enough during the Blitz, before the modern age d toof rampant commercialism, it's jolly well good enough for me.
This collection of mainlylarge-scale, graffitistyle street art was mostly painted during this summer's Shambala Festival in Northamptonshire by artists including Cyclops, Dicy, Dora, Faith 47, Feek, Fluid, Glenn Anderson, Juice 126, Junc, LL Brainwashed, Lucy McLauchlan, Mac 1, Marq Tu, Matt Watkins, Milk, Mr Jago, Outcrowd Collective, Plimsoul, Sickboy, Sweet Toof, Yaka & Zoot.
I honestly dread to think what is going to happen toof the night in a cold sweat,
Carter Draw no toof a foot onward De Wercs and Edna screwed Grampus motto: Bottoms up, Marg
Thatcher was admired by many for her political acumen, she was criticized on a personal level by those from Lincolnshire, who saw that she had adopted the classier dialect of Kent and forsaken the local pronunciation (which, by the way, shares with Ebonics the characteristic of substituting "f" or "v" for "th," so that one of my pupils told me he could "wiggow [wiggle] 'is toof wiv 'is foomb").
Hearsay-I went toof ar in the restriction of constraints.