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The Oakland, California, Public Library has a tool lending library (full disclosure: my library is right down the street).
Berkeley Public Library's Tool Lending Library comes to mind as a great example.
of Graton, Calif., used the Tool Lending Library (TLL) and advisors offered by utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to implement their water-use improvements.
The Tool Lending Library (TLL) is a program that loans building-measurement equipment free of charge to people working on short-term energy efficiency projects in California.
According to the National Young Farmers' Coalition (, ten small farmers in North Carolina have cooperated to secure grant funding to establish a Sustainable Agriculture Tool Lending Library. They put up money to purchase implements and tools that no single farm needed on a daily or weekly basis, like a disc harrow, a manure spreader, and a trailer to move the tools around on.
In addition, Home Depot has donated a tool lending library which gives homeowners access to tools to help in the retrofitting of their homes.
* BERKELEY: Tool Lending Library. None of these tools is historic (at least we hope not), but the library is unusual.