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All that the country now needs to be pushed across this threshold is a ruling party willing to make Erdoy-an's desires its raison d'etre and a deficient opposition that through its own shortsightedness acts as a tool of the regime.
After Morsi's ouster and the involvement of army's ground forces in dispersals and raids, anti-government forces heavily attacked the army, describing it as a tool of the regime.
They judiciary has been politicised and is seen as a tool of the regime. The chronic problems of poverty, unemployment, acute housing shortages, and inadequate health care system remain unaddressed and even got worse.
He has not, however, been a tool of the regime. He has publicly criticized the regime for discrimination against Iran's minorities, something Rohani promised in his campaign to end.
The Mufti is largely viewed by society as a tool of the regime and his comments are not usually taken seriously.
Many accuse this third, supposedly middle-ground camp, of being a tool of the regime. Just as the front of the march began to pass by the stadium, the shots began to ring out.
Accusing the HDP of being a "tool of the regime of [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad and international lobbies that are enemies of Turkey," Erdoy-an called on the party to consider more profoundly what it says and to become "deeply attached to the country" if it wants to be a party representing the whole of Turkey.
Despite a temporary reduction in the terrorist activities of the regime during the rule of the so-called reformists led by Mohammad Khatami, with the rise of Ahmadinejad as Ali Khamenei's lackey the extremist factions of the regime found a new opportunity to rally around the supreme leader and his chosen subordinate and once again use terrorism as the main tool of the regime's foreign policy.
However, this attack was a highly symbolic declaration because it targeted the main information tool of the regime, in addition to it being an ultra-protected facility.
Badranis not supported by the protesting students, who consider him " a tool of the regime ".