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TOOSThe Origin Of Species (book by Charles Darwin)
TOOSTrade Outcomes and Objectives Statement (annual national trade report; Australia)
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In view of the strong sales potential and the need of our international customers for lightweight components for acoustic and thermal management for regional vehicle production, we are convinced that we have found an optimal solution with our license partner Ayegh Khodro Toos. Autoneum's innovation leadership and the manufacturing expertise of Ayegh Khodro Toos complement each other, ensuring the market-oriented launch of the Autoneum product portfolio in Iran."
So far, all the Passport devices that we have seen were black, though company CEO John Chen did mention during the launch of the device that a white colour option will be there, too. However, such a device has been elusive, so far, though not any more.
The Age of the Data Scientist is just beginning -- and it is likely to get crowded by a lot of "me toos" -- much like the world of cloud computing like now.
Complete with a glossary and an index (which is not necessarily the case in textile books) and richly decorated, the volume is divided into seven geographical areas, some of which earned an essay: Java (Rens Heringa), Bali (Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff), Borneo (Traude Gavin), Nusa Tenggara (Roy Hamilton) and the Moluccas (Toos van Dijk).
aastatest lisandub abiellumise ja oppima asumise teema (mis haakub usna hasti noukogudeaegse rahvastiku rande perioodide kasitlusega Kalev Katuse eelviidatud toos).
Kaesolevas toos uuriti, kas niisugust tsuklilist dunaamikat on voimalik tuvastada ka marksa varasema aja kohta, kasutades selleks roovlindude sustemaatilise tapmise (nn kullisodade) andmeid Eesti- ja Liivimaa kohta aastatest 1890-1908.
N-Ethyl-N-(2-hydroxy-3-sulfopropyl)-3-methylaniline (TOOS) and Good's buffer (PIPES) were supplied from Dojindo Laboratories, 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AA) from Nittobo, and sodium azide from Nacalai Tesque.
Kayhan daily quoted managing director Ahmad Qalebani of the National Iranian Oil Company as saying the discovery took place in the existing field of Toos.
The National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said last week it had found in-place reserves of 2.19 trillion cubic feet at the existing Toos field.
How much more destruction do we need before those who voted for Osama finally say "ich hub gemacht a toos" (I made a mistake voting for Obama?)
Watch out for the dangerous "toos:" too tired, too cold, too far from safety, too much sun and too much strenuous activity.