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WORLD'S SMALLEST WALKIE TALKIES (PS9.95, WITH a range of 100ft - which includes through walls and floors - you will indeed be able to receive top secret information through these little walkie talkies.
He also alleged alarms had been muted because they went off so often, missile safety procedures had been ignored and top secret information was left unguarded.
Actually, all members of Congress automatically have access to certain Top Secret information.
Summary: ISIS has established more than 40 undercover cells in Lebanon, according to top secret information obtained by a security body, heightening fears that new terror attacks may be on the horizon.
So we're supposed to wring our hands because Edward Snowden is out there running around with top secret information. We should patrol our front porches at night because of one young man with a conscience who's concerned about the runaway destruction of our privacy rights.
What kind of top secret information might the administration need to share or retrieve from a credit union regulator?
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is right in saying: "If there truly is top secret information available, the veil should be lifted.
The directive with the list of countries that may be visited by military and civilian personnel of the Defense Ministry having access to secret and top secret information was signed by Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, reported Izvestiya.
From that moment, a harsh stage of suffering, intimidation, torture and bullying started." Added Abu sisi UFree Network has announced earlier that it possesses some top secret information which prove the involvement of some security services of a number of countries in the kidnapping of Abu Sisi.
Cheryl, 29, also revealed that revealing the top secret information in her book, Cheryl Cole: My Story, landed her in trouble with the band's management.
Along with that is the "persistent asymmetric security threat," a codeword in the defense community for aggressive Chinese hackers who are determined to steal top secret information.