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T/CTable of Contents
T/CTake Care
T/CTo Consider
T/CThrust Chamber (US NASA)
T/CTelephone Call
T/CTraction Control (automobiles)
T/CTransfer Case
T/CTungsten Carbide
T/CTorque Converter
T/CTerry Cloth
T/CTime Charter
T/CTextile and Clothing (industry sector)
T/CTraffic Collision
T/CTermination for Convenience
T/CTop of Climb (aviation)
T/CThickness/Chord Ratio
T/CTurn Coordinator (aviation)
T/CTrack Correlation
T/CTactical Coordinator
T/CTransfer Canal
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For CI value from 50 to 90 there can be determined the decrease of [TOC.sub.opt] (Optimal Top of Climb in ft) from 30,000 ft to 26,000 ft.
Dutch star Kloeden, 24, and Weening were left to battle it out from the top of climb and the two raced downhill to the finish in the French town of Gerardmer.
As an example, perhaps putting on a climbing harness and standing at the base of a rock climb may represent a formidable challenge for some; for others, getting half-way or ascending all the way to the top of climb may be the desired goal.
The left engine's fuel flow dropped from 25 gph to 7 at the top of climb. The electric fuel pump switch also failed.