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TOATarifordnung für Angestellte des Öffentlichen Dienstes (public service salary scheme, since 1961 BAT)
TOATask Order Analysis
TOAToyota of America (automobile retailer)
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In section 3 we analyze the behavior of the total radiation at the top of the atmosphere.
1] ; ALT--average altitude above sea level, m; Tx--maximum air temperature, [degrees]C; Tn--minimum air temperature air [degrees]C; Ra--solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere, MJ [m.
Prof Grande said: "This is a dynamic region where the 'solar wind' of charged particles from the Sun interacts with the top of the atmosphere.
These models treat the coupled air-ocean environment as a totally integrated system from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean, placing special emphasis on the air-ocean interface.
Climate modelers want to make measurements at locations that range from deep in the oceans to the top of the atmosphere.
Ozone is inherently unstable and poisonous close to the ground but, high above us as the top of the atmosphere, it serves to deflect ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.
AIRS uses high-performance infrared detectors to obtain complete 3-D observations of weather from the surface through clouds and up to the top of the atmosphere with "unprecedented accuracy," said Morse.
This close proximity also means that the top of the atmosphere is heated to a blazing hot 2,500 degrees Celsius -- the temperature at which iron exists in gas rather than solid form.
Lead author Patrick Brown, a doctoral student at Dukes Nicholas School of the Environment, and his JPL colleagues combined global climate models with satellite measurements of changes in the energy approaching and leaving Earth at the top of the atmosphere over the past 15 years.
This happens because certain molecules at the top of the atmosphere absorb radiation, keeping the middle parts cool.