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The city's Labour administration spent the summer conducting a top-to-bottom review of all services to seek out savings based on a projected Government cut of PS119 million for 2014/15.
The shocking cases came after Australia's air safety watchdog ordered a top-to-bottom review of Air Services Australia after too many reports.
O Frank, who is also chairman of the Cruise Lines International Association trade group, said that in the aftermath of Concordia, despite the industryOs good safety record, cruise lines are re-emphasizing passenger and crew safety, implementing Oa comprehensive, top-to-bottom review of our shipboard safety and emergency response procedures.
I am confident our top-to-bottom review is making our air traffic system even safer," he said.
perform a top-to-bottom review of current nuclear safety standards, both at the national and international levels,
I called for a top-to-bottom review of current safety standards at the national and international levels.
16, pending a top-to-bottom review, after an enrollment surge overwhelmed the system and caused the program to nearly reach its budget threshold.
Amid detainee hunger strikes and scathing reports linking detainee deaths to medical neglect, the Obama administration last August pledged a top-to-bottom review of the disorganized network of the approximately 350 detention centers, county jails, and for-profit prisons that on a given day held more than 30,000 immigrants in hundreds of facilities.
Toyota in response to the internal memo reiterated in a statement late on Sunday that it was conducting a top-to-bottom review of all its operations.
The QHSR is a Congressionally mandated, top-to-bottom review of homeland security that will guide the department for the next four years and inform the nation's homeland security policies, programs and missions.
On Monday, he added on the blog: "There should be a top-to-bottom review of standards with new safeguards implemented to prevent a recurrence.