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The conversation was on the chief topic of the day: the illness of the wealthy and celebrated beau of Catherine's day, Count Bezukhov, and about his illegitimate son Pierre, the one who had behaved so improperly at Anna Pavlovna's reception.
In truth, there were so many anomalies in his character, and though shrinking with diseased sensibility from public notice, it had been his fatality so often to become the topic of the day, by some wild eccentricity of conduct, that people searched his lineage for an hereditary taint of insanity.
But despite the races, fashion was the topic of the day as the race course became a sea of colourful couture, as women battled it out to be named bestdressed.
How to avoid identity theft and online scams and safely navigate social networking sites was the topic of the day recently when the $1.2 billion TruMark Financial Credit Union of Trevose, Pa., sent a couple staffers to address more than 300 high school students.
The debate on Macedonia's federalization is once again the topic of the day. "KOHA E RE" unofficially reveals that this idea is being "spread" by the international factor as well, which has spoken to part of state officials about this.
When I rejoined MBIA as chairman and CEO in February of this year, the issue of CEO compensation was already well on its way to being the topic of the day. As such, the MBIA board approached the structuring of my compensation reflecting what we believe will be best practices going forward.
Another topic of the day with implications for the thoroughbred industry was an update on research into strangles.
"Premium quality castings were the topic of the day. Many developed techniques and used them."
One might legitimately ask what those 26 per cent were smoking, but that is not the topic of the day.
And he did acknowledge the other hot topic of the day: the fallout from Enron.
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