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TORMTransactional or Relationship Message (Federal Trade Commission email message definition)
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Reportedly, Torm already has ten vessels in the fleet from Hyundai Mipo and has good technical and commercial experience with these vessels.
Best track to my way of thinking, though, is James Torm's re-make of his dad's own 1963 hit single, Comin' Home Baby.
The vendor did not provide the value of the deal, but said it would result in a loss of around USD5m (EUR3.9m) for Torm, to be reported in its financial statements for the second quarter of this year.
Upon joining the company, Balle will participate in Torm's Long-Term Incentive Programme with a grant of 127,600 Restricted Share Units (RSUs) in 2019.
Oil tanker Torm Estrid sailed out to sea Wednesday morning, while two more ships General cargo carrier Royal Jade and Container vessel Northern Monument are expected to sail on same day in the afternoon.
A Danish newspaper claimed that John Fredriksen, the head of Norwegian sector player Frontline (OSL:FRO), has acquired a stake in Torm, causing an increase in its share price today.
These RSUs aim at providing an incentive to the participants to seek to improve the performance of Torm and thereby the Torm share price for the mutual benefit of themselves and the shareholders of the company.
Sogaard-Christensen has been with Torm since March 2010.
Torm holds an ownership stake of 27.5% in the new joint venture.