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TOPOTri-N-Octylphosphine Oxide
TOPOTrioctyl-Phosphine Oxide
ToPoTorposten (German Military Gate Post)
TOPOTask Order Project Officer (US EPA)
TOPOTunable Optical Parametric Oscillator
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Including procurement of ammunition for target practice and for the fulfillment of the wax job 1 WA occupation guardroom / supervisor wax person with a civilian commercial security guard 24 hours every day,1 WA Torposten occupied by two ziv.
Contract notice: New on geomatikum in hamburg-rotherbaum - access control / torposten / guarding.
Torposten / engagement force / patrol during the day shift (Monday - Su from 0600 - 1800 clock) with two (2) security staff in 12-hour shifts.
Firstly, the guard / protection of property NATO round defeat 14 (NATO MunNdlg 14) in Soft ring with the wax task Torposten main access NATO MunNdlg 14 and patrol duty as a service dog escort team in thickness from 2 security guards.
Conclusion of a framework agreement on civil commercial Bundeswehr guard of mineral properties in 12-hour shifts in the Tollense barracks and the barracks Five Oaks in Neubrandenburg powers under UZwGBw as Torposten / strip items.