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TorrTorricelli (unit of pressure equal to 1/760 atmosphere)
TorrTake-Off Run Required
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Pressure inside vacuum chamber was set up 4.05E-4 Torr. Experimental data and estimated values are shown at table 6.
The relationship of reaction rate constants and branching ratios of reaction channels with pressure 1~7600 Torr at 293 K are shown in Figures 3(a) and 3(b).
The optical spectra are recorded for applied experimental conditions such as arc currents 50,70, and 90 A and ambient pressures 100,300, and 500 torr with C[H.sub.4] as feedstock and background gas.
Figure 1 shows the surface morphologies for the diamond films grown on Si substrate at microwave power of 700 W, C[H.sub.4]/[H.sub.2] concentration ratio of 8%, and deposition pressures of 20, 40, 60, and 80 Torr, respectively.
They offer people a hug who later realise their valuables have gone POLICE CHIEF SIMON TORR were
Available in full-scale pressure ranges from 10 Torr to 1000 Torr, the sensor offers 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC output that is both linear with pressure and independent of gas composition.
MANAMA: A Bahraini woman sustained serious injury after an iron rod struck her forehead during an illegal demonstration in Daih yesterday, reports REBECCA TORR. More than 50 people participated in the illegal procession, which involved rioting, vandalism and hurling of iron rods, announced the Northern Governorate Police district head.
The COBRA NC 0400 pumps provide vacuum down to .0075 Torr and pumping speeds up to 247 ACFM.
This allows XPS systems to surpass the critical 4.6-torr lower limit of liquid water vapor pressure at 0[degrees]C, and reach ambient pressures of over 10 torr. APPELS accomplishes spectrometry at pressures eight orders of magnitude higher than possible in conventional systems.
Ephedra trifurca Torr., 5622 TEX; 7044 ANSM, BRIT, TEX; 7056 ANSM, TEX; (TEX 142088, 142104).
Estelle, who remains a true daughter of Goa despite living in Delhi, decided to subject our vademecum to the acid test: wherever we went to eat she asked for torr, a typical Goan accompaniment consisting of green mango slivers pickled in brine.