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TorrTorricelli (unit of pressure equal to 1/760 atmosphere)
TorrTake-Off Run Required
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Reportedly, tests have proved that the Torricelli brake, a vacuum induced plate below a vehicle which sucks down into the track during emergency braking situation, decreases braking distances up to 40% in speeds up to 70 kph.
The Torricelli Mountains are inhabited by populations speaking many different languages, mainly of the Torricelli Phylum, with a few Sepik languages located at the south-east end of the range (Table 1).
It was actually announcing its own death without the benefit of the Obit page," Torricelli wrote.
It was late in the game, but the New Jersey Supreme Court allowed former Senator Frank Lautenberg to replace Torricelli on the ballot.
Before his campaign flamed out, Torricelli tried to convince New Jersey voters to ignore his ethical shortcomings and focus instead on the fight for Senate control--pitching himself as "the fifty-first vote" for education, healthcare and urban initiatives.
When he finally grasped that he probably would lose, Torricelli bailed out.
DAVID MOYES has ruled out a swoop for former Italian international Moreno Torricelli.
EVERTON are exploring the possibility of signing former Italian international fullback Moreno Torricelli - even though the transfer window has closed.
EVERTON have taken Italian defender Moreno Torricelli on trial.
Robert Torricelli (D-NJ)--who is now a senator--released classified information indicating that Bamaca was killed on orders from a Guatemalan army officer who was a paid informant of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Torricelli (Democrat-NJ), it was first attached to the Leave No Child Behind Act, where it failed by one vote in conference committee last November, when a broad stakeholder coalition of sponsors lost the support of the chemical industry.
Senators Graham, Hatch, Jeffords, Torricelli and Kerry are to be commended for their efforts," said Gary Garczynski, NAHB president and a builder/developer from Woodbridge, Va.