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TORSTransoral Robotic Surgery
TORSThrown Object Restraint System (Vermeer Manufacturing Company)
TORSTaskforce for Obesity Research at Southwestern (Dallas, TX)
TORSTransformer Oil Regeneration System (Omega Systems)
TORSTrinity Outpatient Rehabilitation Services (Rock Island, IL)
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Now 45 years old, an analytical chemist and an owner of a beauty product line, Tor embraces his grandma's logic.
According to a notification issued by the National Assembly Secretariat, the parliamentary committee would be responsible for finalising the terms of reference (ToRs) to initiate probe into allegations of rigging.
A notification for the high-profile committee and the ToR has been issued by Mohammad Azam Khan, the secretary to the prime minister.
In the first meeting of the technical committee, which was held under its chairman Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood, the members failed to evolve consensus on the ToRs and it was decided that both government and opposition members would bring their proposed ToRs in black and white and then the committee after deliberations on the same would evolve a set of consensus ToRs for the Parliamentary Committee to probe the alleged election rigging.
However, according to the petitioner - KE, respondents - SSGC and KW and SB, have unilaterally updated the ToR and are now seeking KE to sign the changed ToRs, the petition claimed.
Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 The NFA created a team to look into the existing contracts and draft a uniform or standardized format and TOR for specific agreements such as services, supplies, and linkages with other government agencies, the private sector and local government units.
A statement yesterday shows that the National Food Authority (NFA) is set to implement in 2018 standard Terms of Reference (TOR) for its contracted services such as security, trucking, hauling and warehouse handling, among others.
The applied companies are responsible for the management of its energy needs, where 35 local and foreign companies bought 37 TORs.
He said opposition wanted to hold discussion on the ToRs in
"TORS offers shorter post-operative recovery than standard open surgical approaches, giving patients the opportunity to quickly and successfully return to their normal lives," said Tamer A.
The opposition and the government members of the committee had handed the proposed ToRs to the Sub-Committee separately in November.
The central parliamentary committee for investigation into the rigging allegations, head by Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, had tasked the sub-committee with drafting the TORs. The sub-committee held its meeting at the Parliament House with its convener Shafqat Mehmood in the chair.