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TORYThe Original Release Year (music recordings)
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His association, first and last, with literary men was unusually broad; when politics estranged him from Steele and Addison he drew close to Pope and other Tory writers in what they called the Scriblerus Club.
Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, and the next year, when the Queen died and the Tory ministry fell, he withdrew to Dublin, as he himself bitterly said, 'to die like a poisoned rat in a hole.
Brooke heard the laughter; but he had expected some Tory efforts at disturbance, and he was at this moment additionally excited by the tickling, stinging sense that his lost exordium was coming back to fetch him from the Baltic.
Despite a commitment from their leader, the Tory party didn't even present their own budget, instead making sure they got what they wanted in the Labour budget.
The Tory excuse that the SNP were "warned" emergency services would have to pay VAT if the services were merged is pathetic, given it's within the gift of the Tory Government to decide to charge VAT in the first place.
Gay Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said there were "huge disagreements" between the DUP and the Tories.
As for me, I'll keep my healthy hatred - there is no other word for it - of the Tory party and distrust everything they do, a lesson we should all learn.
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said the election was a "litmus test" for pro-EU Tories, and urged them to refuse to support the Tory manifesto.
But they said they would not support a Tory Brexit Budget from their own Chancellor, who was only offering more of the austerity they had supported.
A whole raft of the left, from Polly Toynbee to Owen Jones and the protesters outside the Tory conference, think this is the most ideologically charged Government in post-war Britain - "far to the right of Margaret Thatcher," declared Toynbee last week.