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The alternative liming blends [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]+CaS[O.sub.4] and [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]+Ca[Cl.sub.2] are capable to increase the pH and the total alkalinity of water as efficiently as the standard CaC[O.sub.3];
The EC (17%), TSS (8%), TDS (5%), BOD (58%), total hardness (6%), total alkalinity (14.5%), NH3 (42%), NO3- (4%), Cl-(17%), SO42- (148%) and PO43 - (4.5%) were higher in concentration while during high Q the increase was: TSS (6%), TDS (98%), BOD (100%), total hardness (3%), total alkalinity (9%), NH3 (286%), NO3- (4%), Cl- (25%), SO42- (132%).
The first raises the pH as well as the alkalinity, then the acid brings down the pH--but it also reduces that alkalinity, requiring another dose of bicarb to bring the total alkalinity back in line.
Total alkalinity and exchangeable Na were significantly correlated with readily soluble B (r=0.745**, 0.910**).
Temperature, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness are four major factors used to calculate the saturation index, a measure of water's tendency to scale or corrode surfaces that it touches.
Total alkalinity, total phosphorus, total dissolved solids, conductivity, Secchi depth, turbidity, and chlorophyll a were sampled at four offshore locations in each lake during July.
Table 2 - requirements for specified latex types Type 1 (*) Type 2 Type 3 (**) (***) Total solids, min., % 61.5 66.0 61.5 Dry rubber content (DRC), min., % 60.0 64.0 60.0 Total solids minus dry rubber 2.0 2.0 2.0 content, max., % Total alkalinity calculated as 0.60 min.
Spas should have proper levels of sanitizer (usually chlorine or bromine), pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.
Roberts[5] measured the total alkalinity of a mixture of Portland cement and water.
-- Measurements of temperature, pH, chloride, dissolved oxygen, and total alkalinity from the collection site were within the ranges of those reported by McClung et al.
Total hardness and total alkalinity of the tap water were analyzed using standardized methods (APHA, 2012).
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