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TATeaching Assistant
TATrans Am (Pontiac automobile model)
TATechnical Assistance
TAAmbient Temperature
TATurn Around
TATime Attack (gaming)
TAThanks Again
TATravel Agent (Agency)
TATechnology Assessment
TATerritorial Army (UK)
TATank (aircraft designed by Kurt Tank & built by Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH)
TATransition(al) Architecture
TATuition Assistance
TATransit Authority
TATransfer Agent (financial industry)
TATaunton (postcode, United Kingdom)
TATel Aviv
TATechnical Analysis
TATo Above
TATransactional Analysis (psychology)
TATransmit(ter) Address
TATarget Audience
TATrade Association
TATotal Area (geometry)
TATarget Area
TATotal Annihilation (game by Cavedog Entertainment)
TATori Amos (singer)
TATechnical Advisory (computer security bulletin)
TATask Analysis
TATechnical Adviser
TATrading As (similar to DBA, doing business as)
TATravel Allowance (various organizations)
TATraining Area
TATechnical Assessment
TATechnical Architecture
TATrend Analysis
TATarget Acquisition
TATraffic Accident
TATraffic Announcement
TATechnical Area
TATaxing Authority
TATravel Authorization
TATitus Andronicus
TATiger Army (band)
TATeachers Assistant
TATarget Address
TATamper Alarm
TATable of Allowance
TATarget Analysis
TATeam Anna (political group)
TATemporarily Absent
TATechnical Arrangement
TATraffic Analysis
TATechnical Audit
TATelecommunications Authority (various locations)
TATechnical Advance
TATechnical Authority
TATotal Average
TATibialis Anterior
TATechnical Assist (computer security bulletin)
TAAntenna Temperature
TATechnology Administration
TATolerance Analysis (mechanical engineering)
TATeaming Agreement (various organizations)
TATechnology Alliance (various locations)
TATonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy (medical procedure)
TATotal Alkalinity (water chemistry)
TATeam Arena (Quake 3 expansion pack)
TATechnical Associates (Canoga Park, CA)
TATartan Army (Supporters of Scotland's national football team)
TATaxpayer Advocate
TATraining Aid
TATank Army (CIS)
TATom Atkins (Actor)
TATentative Agreement
TATransition Altitude (aviation)
TAUnited Kingdom to United States (routing destination; US Navy)
TATactical Airlift
TATiming Advance
TATeacher Advisor
TATricuspid Atresia (congenital heart defect)
TATherapeutic Area
TATrey Anastasio (Phish band member)
TATemporal Artery
TATest Article
TATrading Assistant (eBay)
TATime & Attendance
TATechnical Acceptance
TATextile and Apparel
TATravel Assistance
TAType of Assistance
TATime Alignment (audio synchronization)
TATemperature Alarm
TAThreat Analysis (information operations/computer network defense)
TATraining Agency
TATetris Attack (video game)
TATraffic Advisory
TATenancy Agreement
TATeacher Assessment (education)
TATest Access
TATravel Advance
TATrade Assistant
TATension Arterial (Spanish: Blood Pressure)
TATemperature Ambient
TATugas Akhir (Indonesian: Final Assignment)
TATerrain Analysis
TATree Algorithm
TATask Agreement (various organizations)
TATax Amortization
TATaranto, Puglia (Italian province)
TATotal Army
TATerminal Adaptor
TATheater Army
TATherapeutic Abortion
TATechnical Assembly
TATotal Attempts (volleyball statistic)
TATexture Analyser
TATasking Authority
TAThanks Awfully
TATerrain Avoidance
TATraditional Authorities
TATrusted Agent
TATerritorial Authority (New Zealand)
TATransamerica Corporation
TATravel Approval
TATowed Array
TATeam AnandTech (distributed processing team)
TATotal Audience
TATest Activity
TATubular Adenoma
TATrack Analysis
TATrick Attack (game)
TATest Alert (Hekimian)
TAThroughput Accounting
TATransverse Anastomosis (surgery)
TATransmission Analysis
TATransverse Acoustic (Raman scaterring)
TATerminal Address (computing)
TATransducer Assembly
TAToyota Atlantic (auto racing)
TATruckstops of America
TAThermal Array
TATraining Analyst
TATraining Agent
TATraveling Allowance
TAThermal Asperity
TATelescope Assembly
TAThreat Avoidance
TATangerine Army (gaming group)
TATravelCenters of America, Inc.
TATransient Alert
TATest Authority
TATransmitter Assembly
TATwisted Animation (band)
TAThink Attack
TATropical Air Mass (weather)
TAToei Animation Co. Ltd
TATiming Algorithm
TATest Authorization
TATransportation Approval
TATexAgs (Texas A&M sports forum)
TATitulaire Académique (French: Academic Holder)
TATime Accelerator (Quake 2 gaming)
TAThreat Axis
TATeresian Association
TATemasek Academy
TATerritory Assignment
TATerminates Above (mechanical services design)
TATaca International Airlines, El Salvador (IATA airline code)
TATask Authorizations
TATransfer Aisle
TATrainee Agent
TATaure en'Arvandor (gaming)
TATiberian Adventure (game)
TATransportability Approval
TATracked Aggression (music disks)
TATRADOC Airlift Committee
TATeaching/Teacher's Aide
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The alternative liming blends [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]+CaS[O.sub.4] and [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]+Ca[Cl.sub.2] are capable to increase the pH and the total alkalinity of water as efficiently as the standard CaC[O.sub.3];
The EC (17%), TSS (8%), TDS (5%), BOD (58%), total hardness (6%), total alkalinity (14.5%), NH3 (42%), NO3- (4%), Cl-(17%), SO42- (148%) and PO43 - (4.5%) were higher in concentration while during high Q the increase was: TSS (6%), TDS (98%), BOD (100%), total hardness (3%), total alkalinity (9%), NH3 (286%), NO3- (4%), Cl- (25%), SO42- (132%).
The first raises the pH as well as the alkalinity, then the acid brings down the pH--but it also reduces that alkalinity, requiring another dose of bicarb to bring the total alkalinity back in line.
Total alkalinity and exchangeable Na were significantly correlated with readily soluble B (r=0.745**, 0.910**).
Temperature, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness are four major factors used to calculate the saturation index, a measure of water's tendency to scale or corrode surfaces that it touches.
Total alkalinity, total phosphorus, total dissolved solids, conductivity, Secchi depth, turbidity, and chlorophyll a were sampled at four offshore locations in each lake during July.
Table 2 - requirements for specified latex types Type 1 (*) Type 2 Type 3 (**) (***) Total solids, min., % 61.5 66.0 61.5 Dry rubber content (DRC), min., % 60.0 64.0 60.0 Total solids minus dry rubber 2.0 2.0 2.0 content, max., % Total alkalinity calculated as 0.60 min.
Spas should have proper levels of sanitizer (usually chlorine or bromine), pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness.
Roberts[5] measured the total alkalinity of a mixture of Portland cement and water.
-- Measurements of temperature, pH, chloride, dissolved oxygen, and total alkalinity from the collection site were within the ranges of those reported by McClung et al.
Total hardness and total alkalinity of the tap water were analyzed using standardized methods (APHA, 2012).
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