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TAUCTuna Académica da Universidade de Coimbra (Portuguese Universitary musical organization)
TAUCThe Association of Union Constructors
TAUCTransAtlantic Uncertainty Colloquium
TAUCTotal Area under the Curve
TAUCThe American University in Cairo (Egypt; usually seen as AUC)
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This function will return the total area under the curve up to the x value.
The z-score table indicates that this would contain 48% on each side or 96% of total area under the curve. The appraiser would report a confidence level of 96% that the value range was between $900,000 and $1,100,000.
Interestingly, the glucagon level was suppressed by stevioside during the IVGT, (total area under the curve (TAUC): 5720 [+ or -] 922 (stevioside) vs 8713 [+ or -] 901 pg/ml x 120 min (control); P<0.05).
The total cost of snow and ice control is the total area under the curve, including both societal costs, such as property damage, injury, and lost productivity, and operations costs, such as the labor, material, and equipment used to treat the roads.
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