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TAATotal (Active) Aircraft Authorization
TAATrade Adjustment Assistance
TAATrentino-Alto Adige (Italy; autonomous region)
TAATraining and Assessment
TAAThe American Academy (online education; Salt Lake City, UT)
TAATemporal Anti-Aliasing (graphics processing)
TAATax Administration Act (various locations)
TAATerapia Asistida con Animales (Spanish: Assisted Therapy with Animals)
TAATime Account Adjustment
TAATerminal Arrival Area
TAATechnical Advisor Analyst
TAAType Access Analyzer
TAATactical Airsoft Arena (Rockville, MD)
TAATactical Asset Allocation
TAATransitional Adjustment Assistance (NAFTA)
TAATexas Apartment Association
TAATumor-Associated Antigen
TAATeaching Assistants' Association (Wisconsin)
TAATrans Australia Airlines
TAATrans-Australia Airlines (defunct Australian airline)
TAATrade Agreement Act
TAATechnical Assistance Agreement
TAATotal Army Analysis
TAATactical Assembly Area
TAATake Appropriate Action
TAATurkish-American Association
TAATechnologically Advanced Aircraft
TAATurkish Aeronautical Association (est. 1925)
TAATicket Agents Association (UK; entertainment)
TAATaiwanese Association of America
TAAThai AirAsia
TAATanzania Airports Authority
TAATerminal Arrival Area (aviation)
TAAThomas Alleyne Academy (UK)
TAATeacher Achievement Award (various locations)
TAATribes Aerial Assault (gaming)
TAATransverse Aortic Arch
TAATexas Aquaculture Association
TAATallahassee Auto Auction (Tallahassee, FL)
TAATrans Atlantic Airlines
TAATest Automation Alliance
TAATechnical Approval Authority
TAATachyarrhythmia Absoluta (cardiology)
TAATaos Art Association (New Mexico, USA)
TAATactical Air Army
TAATelecom Agent Association
TAATarget Audience Analysis
TAATechnology Assistance Agreement
TAATrack Access Agreement (UK railways)
TAATyler Apartment Association (Tyler, TX)
TAATechnology Area Assessment
TAATarget Aspect Angle
TAATemporary Accumulation Area
TAATravel Agent Arbiter
TAATactical Army Automation
TAATerminal Advanced Automation
TAATransit Advertising Association
TAATechnical Application Architecture (Sprint)
TAATeens Act for AIDS (est. 2005)
TAATelecommunications Associates of America
TAATanker Alert Area
TAATaekwondo Antibes Academy (France)
TAATurbine Alternator Assembly
TAATactical Automation Appraisal
TAATriaxial Angular Accelerometer
TAATactical Aerospace Assessment
TAATransmitting Antenna Array
TAATheater Area Army
TAATechnical Airworthiness Arrangements (Canada)
TAATeam Assignment Agreement
TAATime And Attendence
TAATransfer Allowed Acknowledgement (SS7)
TAATrack Acquisition Achieved
TAATraining Advisory Alert
TAAThoracic Aortic Aneuryism
TAATotal Army Authorization
TAATaiwan Architects Association (Taiwan)
TAATechnological Advances in Aeronautics (conference)
TAAToshima-Ku Archery Association (est. 1953; Tokyo, Japan)
TAATransmission Ability of the Atmosphere (meteorology)
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The Army must, therefore, consider its goals carefully and align the Total Army Analysis process to right-sizing the generating force--even if the goal is not to double brigades but to reach a specified planned capability.
Figure 1, page 9, graphically depicts the modular engineer force of Total Army Analysis 12-17 (December 2010) and the projected engineer force of the future.
This paper presents the methodology behind the current DNBI/BI medical planning factors accredited by the Army Surgeon Generals and used in consecutive Total Army Analysis requirements for over a decade.
The change to the total Army analysis and the elevation of the echelon of military police forces allocated to each commander will enable brigades and divisions to assess local security forces and provide security to the population, while the CJFLCC develops priorities for building partner capacity.
First, through the Total Army Analysis process, the Department of the Army should permanently station a second MCB within Eastern Europe, preferably in a location that is centrally located and where the host nation is comfortable with its presence.
But for it to be viewed as relevant once again, efforts must be made to influence the total Army analysis process so that battlefield obscuration is considered as a capability gap.
The major initiatives that the EAB redesign community of practice is now working on to inform the FY 15-19 Total Army Analysis are as follows:
We are currently on track in the Total Army Analysis for approval of four new veterinary service medical detachments (two active and two reserve) in this effort to rebalance and cover down on current and anticipated missions.
"Many of the concepts developed (from the conference) will be played out in the (Total Army Analysis) 9-13 and will enable the Army to begin the resourcing process to gain dollars, equipment and personnel for this force structure," explained COL Tim Day, director of Combat Development, U.S.
"We continue to go through the 'total Army analysis' process to refine these numbers," says Christianson.
The brigade concept was approved during Total Army Analysis 15-19 and includes 39 COMPO 1 (AC) billets.
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