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TATSTime and Temperature Sensitive
TATSThreat Assessment and Tactical Solutions (firearm self defense)
TATSTotal Army Training System (now The Army Training System)
TATSThe Army Training System (formerly Total Army Training System)
TATSTotally Accurate Tank Simulator (gaming)
TATSTactical Airlift Training Squadron
TATSThink About the Scene (acting)
TATSTactical Armament Turret System
TATSTransient-Effect Area Test Signal
TATSTransportation Aviation Test and Support
TATSTerminal Acceptance Test Station
TATSTactical Transmission System
TATSTowed Array Test Set
TATSTest Access and Testing System (Telcordia)
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With the transformation of the 80th TC (TASS) complete, the Army examined ways to create a functional "One Army School System." Analysis revealed that the existing USAR TASS structure, where troop program unit (TPU) instructors are called upon to train the majority of the student load within statutory funding, was no longer capable, within the environment of Total Army Training System (TATS) courseware and the OASS, of producing the required wartime or peacetime ARPRINT output without continued mobilizations and contract instructor support.
The Total Army Training System (TATS) courseware currently takes twelve months or more from commandant or assistant commandant approval to implementation at the TASS battalion level.
* Military Police Total Army Training System Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course.
Using the Total Army Training System (TATS) model as a guide, the National Guard Sniper School at Camp Robinson, Arkansas, is now a training institution that will be able to award trained snipers the additional skill identifier (ASI) of B4.
(3.) TRADOC memorandum, subject: "Total Army Training System (TATS)." 25 March 1996.
TRADOC has directed that we convert the programs of instructions taught by the Active and Reserve Components into a single Total Army Training System (TATS).
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