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These ratios are net income to total assets (NITA), retained earnings to total assets (RETA), EBIT to total assets (ETA), current assets to current liabilities (CATL), working capital to total assets (WCTA), total liabilities to total asset (TLTA), cash flow from operations to total liabilities (CFOTL), and cash flow from operations to sales (CFOS).
[X.sub.1] represents natural logarithm of Total Asset (SIZE) for bank i at time t
Total assets belonging to Turkey's 50,844 millionaires stood at TL 341.1 billion in June 2012.
H04: There is no relationship between Operating Profit Margin and Trade debtors to Total Asset of Indian manufacturing companies of India.
Indeed, the SBA need only "rationally" relate the owner's total assets to a finding that the owner is not economically disadvantaged in order to justify a conclusion that the owner's total assets are excessive.
30, 2005, these rules generally require (1) corporations with total assets of $50 million or more to e-file Forms 1120 and 1120-S and (2) exempt organizations with total assets of $100 million or more to e-file Form 990.
Also, by adding current liabilities to the indicated market value of invested capital, you can estimate the economic market value of a firm's total assets, both tangible and intangible.
When you consider the asset side of your balance sheet, those assets expressed in dollars are the total assets that you employ to earn a profit.
This ratio needs to be cross-checked with its peers and also understand the industry because there are industries where the company keeps their total asset low, which then pushes the average ATR high.
It was followed by Tharwa Fund, managed by EFG-Hermes for Ahli United Bank, with 66.9% of the total assets to reach EGP 564.4m.
The CBC said that their total assets grew by approximately 4% and reached e1/45488.6 million in June 2019, from e1/45254.9 million in March 2019.
The bank's total assets reached Dh44.3 billion at the end of the first half of this year, bringing it to the same level as the end of 2018.
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