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Total body burden arising from a week's repeated dermal exposure to N,N-dimethylformamide.
Given the same total body burden in two individuals with 14 and 28 kg of adipose tissue, the concentration in adipose in the person with twice as much fat will presumably be half of that of the leaner individual.
Significance for differences in total body burden parasite concentrations and mean fluorescence associated with respiratory burst were validated with Mann-Whitney rank sum tests.
Blood lead represents only 1-5% of the total body burden of lead (4,17).
OBJECTIVES: We characterized POP total body burden and their redistribution in obese individuals before and after drastic weight loss and compared these values with a variety of molecular, biological, and clinical parameters.
Because only half of the tissue from shucked oysters was added to shell piles, the total number of parasites added to a pile in shucked oyster tissues was calculated as half the sum of the total body burden estimates.
We never know the total body burden of heavy metals or the tissue compartments where they are stored, only what came out on a particular challenge test.
Another huge benefit to knowing the approximate total body burden of these compounds from the lipid-adjusted levels is that it allows clinicians to follow the effects of their cleansing protocols.
However, lower-level lead exposure has not been correlated with renal effects as conclusively, perhaps because blood lead reflects relatively recent exposure, and therefore is not an adequate measure of total body burden. This month, Shirng-Wern Tsaih of the Harvard School of Public Health and her colleagues report that blood lead levels alone may not be enough to determine whether kidney effects are occurring at low exposure; lead levels in bone also need to be determined [EHP 112:1178-1182].
Sherry Rogers, a treatment program for MCS begins by focusing on reducing a person's "total load" or "total body burden." Total load is defined as the sum total of stressors to the body from both internal and external sources (i.e., chemical, environmental, dietary, lifestyle, etc.) To reduce or desensitize people with multiple chemical sensitivities, they recommend avoiding any exposure to triggering substances.
Lead is often and most easily measured in blood, and it is a commonly used indicator of the total body burden (9).
Another reason to monitor breast milk is that it reflects the maternal total body burden for lipophilic chemicals.