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Susan Robbins' Total Body Workout and Core Pilates: on Mondays, from 7 to 8 p.m.
A total body workout constituting 12 different postures, this will cleanse your entire body of toxins - working on all muscle groups.
"Raqs, which means dance in Arabic, will not only improve fitness levels amongst participants, thus assisting weight loss, but will also help release stress and improve overall well-being." The new workout routine is a non-stop 23-minute aerobic dance class composed of hip-hop and Latin dance, as well as a touch of yoga at the end as a cool-down exercise.According to Mr Algoasibi, it utilises high and low impact exercises to give members an intense total body workout that will leave them feeling breathless and exhilarated.
The gym features 16 stations to give a total body workout with traditional gym equipment including two exercise bikes, a seated row and bench press and a cross trainer.
It's a really fast, total body workout that is good for toning the arms because you have to make rapid arm gestures.
On land the hotel offers four floodlit tennis courts as well as a state-of-the-art gym, featuring resistance machines as well as steam rooms and sauna for a total body workout. The water sports centre offers a comprehensive range of activities from skiing and windsurfing to wake boarding and surf ski kayaking.
Lessons cover everything from arm-conditioning techniques to leg instructions and working with weight vests in a total body workout recommended for any martial arts video collection.
"One big trend we're seeing is for acceleration technology - a total body workout for 15 minutes, three times a week and that's it.
Getting a total body workout at home in your wheelchair may now be easier with a new piece of equipment from theresistancegym.com.
The basic movements give a total body workout. Calorie count: A person weighing 180lbs could burn around 1000 calories per hour.
"Crossover is an innovative machine for a total body workout, the right combination of lateral and elliptical movement; with its easy rear access and intuitive movement Crossover is an ideal training solution for all levels and types of workouts," the company said.
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