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TCDBTransporter Classification Data Base
TCDBType Creator Data Base
TCDBTape Configuration Data Base
TCDBTraumatic Coma Data Bank
TCDBTransport Classification Database
TCDBTurn, Cough, Deep Breathe
TCDBTape Configuration Database
TCDBTheater Common Database
TCDBTotal Cost of Doing Business
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It attempts to quantify the total cost of doing business with a supplier over time.
Tip 3: Weigh the true and total cost of doing business.
I sell passion about businesses that take responsibility for the total cost of doing business, and clean up their messes.
Skinner says distributors should use activity based costing techniques to "quantify the total cost of doing business with each of their suppliers and with their supply base on the whole." Distributors can do that by tracking costs by product line and supplier to identify where they are making and losing money.