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Caption: FIGURE 3: Total density of state of pure and vacancy GaN.
As can be seen in Figure 8, the total density of state (DOS) for uranium consists of 5 f and 6d orbitals.
All of the estimates are significant, and the two models account for a substantial portion of the variance in both the total density of state interest-communities (R-square = 0.740) and the densities of their citizens organizations (R-square = 0.594).
GGA and GGA + U band structures of Figures 5 and 6 can be compared with the similar calculations reported for CeS by [10]; while the band structure and the total density of states are very similar for our work and that of [10], the inclusion of +U = 6 eV correction was found to move the occupied 4flevel 3 eV below the Fermi level by Antonov et al.
Figure 5(a) shows the calculated total density of states (TDOS) and partial density of states (PDOS) of the Fe-Si system.
The spin-polarized calculations show that the ZnONSs have no magnetism; this can also be seen from the total density of states (DOS) shown in Figure 2 and is consistent with previous experimental results [23, 24].
In terms of a four-band model for room temperature n-type GaSb, the total density of states [[rho].sub.c](E) for the majority carrier electrons in n-type GaSb then becomes
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