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TECCTotal Estimated Capital Costs (US EPA)
TECCTasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (Australia)
TECCTyngsborough Early Childhood Center (Massachusetts)
TECCTraining and Education Coordinating Center
TECCTechno Creation Center (Kogakuin University; Japan)
TECCTraining and Education Coordinators Committee
TECCThe European Compliance Conference
TECCTeens Encounter Christ and Church (Gregory, Texas)
TECCTargeting, Enforcement, and Coordination Center (Department of Justice)
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East region includes a project list of the refining capacity, the year of start-up, the country where the refinery is being constructed, the type of refinery, the total estimated capital costs, and the Company building the refinery.
The Company believes that the total estimated capital costs for the development of Vista can be reduced by re-investing free cash flow once production commences in 2015.
The total estimated capital cost for mobile equipment in the Feasibility Study during construction and as production ramp-ups up to 11.
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