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TIDTer In Die (Latin: Three Times A Day)
TIDThree Times a Day (prescriptions)
TIDTake It Down
TIDTrade and Industry Department
TIDTunnel Identifier
TIDTerminal Identifier
TIDTechnical Information Document
TIDTime Interval Difference
TIDTotal Intermodulation Distortion
TIDTurbo Injection Diesel
TIDTarget Id
TIDThread Identifier
TIDTerrorist Investigation Division (Sri Lanka)
TIDTotal Ionizing Dose (radiation hardness)
TIDTransaction Identifier
TIDTree Identifier
TIDTarget Identification
TIDTechnical Information Document (Novell)
TIDTerminal Identification
TIDTax Increment District
TIDTask Identifier
TIDTráfico Ilícito de Drogas (Spanish: Illegal Drug Trafficking)
TIDThread Identification
TIDThis Is Dumb
TIDTechnical Information Department
TIDTraveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TIDTactical Information Display (US Navy aviation)
TIDThermionic Ionization Detector
TIDTouch Interactive Display
TIDTactical Impact Device
TIDTriple Information Display (car instrument)
TIDTracking Identification
TIDTotal Integrated Dose
TIDTraffic Identifier
TIDThermionic Detector
TIDTrusted Image Dissemination
TIDTransient Ischaemic Dilation (cardiology)
TIDTask Identification Number
TIDTurbo Inlet Duct
TIDTarget Impact Dispersion
TIDTamper Indication Device
TIDTask Instruction Document
TIDTotal Ion Detector
TIDThermal Interface Document
TIDTechnical Implementation Directive
TIDThermal Interface Drawing
TIDTerminal Indication Dropped
TIDTelephonic Instrument for the Deaf
TIDTechnical Infrastructure Definition
TIDTroop Information Division
TIDTool Install Design (Intel)
TIDTrustee Investment Department
TIDTechnical Infrastructure Document
TIDTechnology Infrastructure Division (various locations)
TIDTools for Integrated Diagnostics
TIDTelephone Information Directory
TIDTax Instalment Deduction (Australia)
TIDTrans Ischemic Dilation (cardiology)
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Total ionizing dose (TID) effects accumulate over a long period of time and can change device properties, degrade performance, and eventually cause failure.
GaAs devices are highly immune to total ionizing dose effects for two reasons.
However, CMOS is susceptive to total ionizing dose (TID) and single-event effects (SEE).
Total Ionizing Dose (TID) is a cumulative effect related to long-term exposure of electrons and protons due to solar activity.
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