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Product Sub-Category: Total kjeldahl nitrogen analyser
Abbreviations MF: Mineral fertilizer CFUs: Colony-forming units [DNH.sub.4]-N: Dissolved ammoniacal nitrogen DP: Dissolved phosphorus DTKN: Dissolved total Kjeldahl nitrogen N[H.sub.4]-N: Ammoniacal nitrogen (total) N[O.sub.3]-N: Nitrate nitrogen PAN: Plant available nitrogen TKN: Total Kjeldahl nitrogen TP: Total phosphorus TSS: Total suspended solids.
The pollutants analyzed in the study include: Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BUD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total phosphates (P[O.sub.4]), Dissolved phosphorus (oP[O.sub.4] or Pat (D)), Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), Total Nitrogen (NT), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Oil and Grease (O&G).
The samples from pilot were analysed for biochemical oxygen demand(BOD5), total suspended solid(TSS), total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN).
During the experiment, pH, COD, total solids (TS), total suspended solids (TSS), volatile solids (VS), total kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), total phosphorus (TP), and alkalinity analyses were done for both influent and effluent.
In analysis of the first runoff event, the straw blanket with PAM contributed 8,000% more total Kjeldahl nitrogen than the bare soil, the compost blanket contributed 340% more, the 2:1 blanket contributed 277% more, the 1:2 blanket contributed 209% more, and the wood mulch blanket released 18% more.
Total Kjeldahl nitrogen was determined colorimetrically (Traacs 800, Bran + Luebbe, Elmsford, New York).
This solution should: 1) reduce the BOD and total Kjeldahl nitrogen loadings to the aeration tanks; 2) reduce the carbonaceous and nitrogenous oxygen demands; 3) increase the primary raw solids production; and 4) decrease the recycle solids carried into the aeration system.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of total kjeldahl nitrogen
The unfiltered samples were used for the determination of the concentrations of total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) (Mackereth et al., 1978) and total phosphorus (TP) (Golterman et al., 1978).
Following the APHA Standard Methods (APHA, 1989), moisture, organic solids, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrogen ammonia and the [BOD.sub.5] content were determined for each individual sample.
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