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TLCCTotal Life-Cycle Cost
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Various studies on this topic have all concluded that around 80% of the total life-cycle costs can be attributed to energy use.
Using such an approach allows Defense Department organizations to reap several benefits including reduced total life-cycle costs and vendor lock-in for acquiring and updating complex systems.
Historical data show that design decisions made in the Concept Phase determine 70 percent of the total life-cycle costs, climbing to 85 percent by Milestone B.
A second truism is that the Operating and Support (O&S) costs account for about 70 percent of the total life-cycle costs of the average weapon system.
Level I requires the greatest depth of analysis and is for cost estimates exceeding $2 million in total life-cycle costs. Associated costs may include research and development (R&D), investment, annual recurring costs, or savings.
If total life-cycle costs are examined, electric and hybrid buses provide substantial savings to fleet owners."
These operating and support (O&S) costs can account for a significant portion of a system's total life-cycle costs and include costs for repair parts, maintenance, and personnel.
Performance sustainment covers accession through separation/retirement with the goal of maintaining target performance levels throughout a career while minimizing total life-cycle costs. It also embraces the FHP pillars of "healthy and fit force" and "prevention and protection." Preventive medicine is a major contributor to performance sustainment because physical and mental health remains a necessary, but not sufficient, precursor for performance.
The 20-year total life-cycle costs of the schools in Las Vegas were in the range of $1,100,000 to $1,600,000, whereas for the office building in Houston they were $500,000 to $600,000 for 20 years.
(8) As shown in Figure 5, these collective factors represent approximately 70 percent of total life-cycle costs for a given weapon system.
They might sorta, kinda know, but they don't look at costs in the right way, which is to look at total life-cycle costs. How much does it cost to have the initial diagnosis?
Total life-cycle costs are minimized for both the producer and the customer.
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