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The total loss of property, as estimated by the sufferers, was one hundred and fifty-five thousand pounds; at the lowest and least partial estimate of disinterested persons, it exceeded one hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds.
The total loss of the victors in this obstinately contested affair was, in killed, wounded, and missing--one forefinger and part of a thumb-nail (which the late proprietor brought along with him in his hand), a severely contused arm, and a considerable effusion of blood flowing from the thigh of a chief, who had received an ugly thrust from a Happar spear.
As for the Jessie, from what they told him Sheldon could not but conclude that she was a total loss. Further to hearten him, he was taken by a shivering fit.
'You will have to pay a higher price than you anticipate, if you don't take care: there will be the total loss of your own health, and of my affection too, if that is of any value to you.'
What he meant by slipping in this extraordinary question unawares, I was at a total loss to imagine.
At the edge of this box there lies a great wooden doll, which, so far as mutilation is concerned, bears a strong resemblance to the finest Greek sculpture, and especially in the total loss of its nose.
She had lain insensible many days together, and had recovered with the total loss of her speech.
I can only assert, that instincts certainly do vary--for instance, the migratory instinct, both in extent and direction, and in its total loss. So it is with the nests of birds, which vary partly in dependence on the situations chosen, and on the nature and temperature of the country inhabited, but often from causes wholly unknown to us: Audubon has given several remarkable cases of differences in nests of the same species in the northern and southern United States.
For more information on total loss claims processing and tips on managing vendor relationships, be sure to check out the companion piece to this article on the Claims channel at
Bowler says satisfaction in four of six factors the survey measures were up, but satisfaction with the appraisal process among total loss claimants declined 25 points.
The pilot was about three nm from his destination airport when he experienced a total loss of engine power.
SB 894 allows consumers facing a total loss to generally have three years to utilize their Additional Living Expenses coverage, up from the current two.
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