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The total quantity of fish exported increased to 114 tons in 2016 from 111 tons in 2015.
To complete the procurement of total targeted quantity of 330,000 MT, the rest of the 69 responsive bidders were offered the option of price matching, all of whom consented to match the lowest price of Rs 52,800 PMT for a total quantity of 630,000 MT as against the balance required quantity of 310,000 MT.
He said a total quantity of 4,670,379 million tons sugar was produced during the crushing season 2011-12 at the beginning of the crushing season 2011-12 the left over stocks from 2010-11 were 0.
Regarding Marib crude oil, the committee approved the selling of the total quantity of October 2011 amounting to 2 million barrels to Aden Refinery Company at the dated Brent price without any discount.
For each region, the total number of transactions, total quantity traded, and quantity-weighted average price are analyzed for the study period.
Finally on November 10, having already informed the Commission of its inability to meet the September 30 deadline, the UK submitted the amendments to its NAP wherein it proposed to increase the total quantity of quotas to 756.
16 million as compared to the total quantity of 194,399 metric tons and worth of US$ 132.
The Spanish company's request concerns a total quantity of 5.
According to the Report, the total quantity of ATM machines during April-June, 2009 period reached 3,999 registering a growth of 5.
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