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TRPTryptophan (Amino Acid)
TRPTechnical Review Panel
TRPTechnical Rubber Products (various locations)
TRPTransient Receptor Potential (transducer protein molecules)
TRPTemporary Residence Permit (various locations)
TRPTax Return Preparer
TRPTeacher Resource Pack
TRPTherapeutic Riding Program (various organizations)
TRPTelephony Remote Protocol
TRPTechnology Research Programme
TRPRas Precharge Time
TRPToken Ring Pci
TRPTrusted Recovery Program
TRPTrigger Point
TRPTechnology Research Programme (European Space Agency)
TRPTelecommunications Research Project (Hong Kong)
TRPTotal Remuneration Package (various nations)
TRPTechnology Reinvestment Project
TRPThe ReUse People (California)
TRPTarget Reference Point
TRPTransnational Radical Party
TRPThe Resurrection Project
TRPTotal Radiated Power
TRPTribal Response Program (US EPA)
TRPTechnology Reinvestment Program
TRPTelevision Rating Points
TRPTsunami Recovery Program (Amercian Red Cross)
TRPTarget Rating Point(s)
TRPTactical Response Plan (US FEMA)
TRPTemperature Reference Point
TRPTransitional Regional Plan (New Zealand)
TRPTranslational Research Program (National Cancer Institute)
TRPTubular Reabsorption of Phosphate
TRPTongue Right Positioner (medical device)
TRPTactical Response Pistol
TRPTemporary Registration Permit
TRPTuition Reimbursement Program
TRPTransportation Resource Partners (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
TRPTransitions Ramp Park (Michigan)
TRPTruancy Reduction Program
TRPThe Rising Phoenix (various locations)
TRPTumor-Related Protein
TRPTransport, Routing and Packaging
TRPTokai Reprocessing Plant (Japan)
TRPThe Regeneration Project
TRPThrust Rating Panel
TRPTropical Rainforest Programme (IUCN)
TRPThe Refugee Project (various locations)
TRPTree-Based Reparameterization
TRPThérapeute en Réadaptation Physique (French: Physical Rehabilitation Therapist)
TRPThermal Response Parameter
TRPTamper Resistant Packaging
TRPTax on Real Property (Guernsey)
TRPTime of Reporting
TRPTransition Relevant Place (conversation analysis)
TRPTraumatic Reticuloperitonitis (hardware disease in cattle)
TRPTemporal Reference for Prediction
TRPThe Rushing Party (gaming group)
TRPTalent Review Process (management tool)
TRPTest Resource Plan
TRPTechnology Refreshment Plan
TRPTechnology Refreshment Program (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
TRPTraining Review Panel
TRPTheater Response Package
TRPTransmission Research Program
TRPTraumatic Reticulopericarditis (cattle disease)
TRPTemperature Regulated Processing
TRPTechnical Requirements Package
TRPTrajectory Reconstruction Program
TRPTyrolia Roller Pincer (ski equipment)
TRPTransition Research Projects
TRPTransport and Routing Protocol
TRPTelevision Remote Pickup
TRPThreat Recognition Processor
TRPTime-Based Retrieval Problem
TRPTrupp, Truppe (German military: Troops)
TRPTwostep Resonant Photoionization
TRPTransit Roads Programme (Canada)
TRPTax Returns Processing
TRPTransaction Request Processor
TRPTraffic Regulation Point
TRPTraining & Education Requirements Panel
TRPThermally Resistive Probe
TRPTraining Requirements Plan
TRPTool Release Piston (motor vehicles)
TRPThe Research Partnership, Inc (Wichita, KS)
TRPTemporary Rust Preventive
TRPTrue Role Play
TRPTeignmouth Regeneration Partnership
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These options form part of a total remuneration package for directors, officers and employees.
The research group says that across the country, a total of 2,441 council employees received a total remuneration package of more than PS100,000 in 2017-18.
Last year, the bank revealed that chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio's total remuneration package rose 11% to PS6.4m for 2017.
In 2016/17, Ged Fitzgerald's total remuneration package - paid for by the taxpayers of Liverpool - amounted to PS210,461.
He is set to earn an annual salary of PS1.2m, but his total remuneration package could be worth up to PS8.2m assuming he hits all targets and receives his full bonus.
The total remuneration package can only be one of many other
Housing accounts for at least 40 per cent of an employee's total remuneration package. However as housing costs have soared by up to 50 per cent in 2014 employees are looking at securing packages inclusive of accommodation rather than paying for it separately.
The total remuneration package for the CEO contract is $700,000.
CARDIFF council chief executive Jonathan House received the largest total remuneration package in Wales in 2011-12, according to a report by the TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) published today.
In 2011, he earned nearly [pounds sterling]2.7m from his total remuneration package, which included a [pounds sterling]951,000 salary, [pounds sterling]1.16m in stock and cash bonuses, a [pounds sterling]480,000 long-term incentive plan and a further [pounds sterling]98,000 in other benefits.
When the pension contributions paid by the council for Mr Hughes are taken into account his total remuneration package is just over pounds 233,000.
Researchers also found Jacqui Vallin, head of Southfields Community College in Wandsworth, received a pay rise of pounds 20,594 to give her a total remuneration package of pounds 226,381.
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