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It showed that in the four BFA groups, the weight gain of the mixed group was the highest in the two rapid growth periods, and the total weight gain and the daily weight gain were significantly higher than those in the control group.
Means values, standard error mean (SEM) and probability for weight at weaning and 30 days after, daily average weight gain, total weight gain and initial and final body condition score of calves submitted to surgical or immunological castration.
However, total weight gain at the time of discharge was same between the groups; 2072+-56 grams in VA group and 2085+-63 grams in FA group.
Variable Coefficient of regression OR Initial weight (kg) -0.004 0.99 Body mass index (kg/[m.sup.2]) -0.2 0.97 Second trimester weight gain (kg) -0.26 0.974 Third trimester weight gain (kg) 0.163 1.17 Total weight gain (kg) 0.080 1.08 Variable CI P-value Initial weight (kg) 0.96-1.02 0.563 Body mass index (kg/[m.sup.2]) 0.87-1.07 0.545 Second trimester weight gain (kg) 0.87-1/08 0.629 Third trimester weight gain (kg) 1.04-1.32 0.007 Total weight gain (kg) 0.98-1.18 0.084
Effect of probiotic (PRO) supplementation on growth performance, average daily gain, and total weight gain of lambs during pre-weaning period Diet (1) SEM CON PRO0.5 PRO1 No.
LEP promoter methylation was not associated with mother's prepregnancy BMI (0.003%; 95% CI: -0.10, 0.11%; p = 0.96 for a 1-unit increase in BMI based on the adjusted mixed-effects model of LEP methylation and trimester-specific [PM.sub.2.5]) (see Table S2) or total weight gain (-0.042%; 95% CI: -0.11, 0.03%; p = 0.24 for a 1-unit increase in total weight gain based on the same model, but without adjustment for prepregnancy BMI) (see Table S2).
The significance of the differences between groups for total weight gain, and mean daily gain was compared by Bonferroni t-test, as was also used in a prior trial (7).
and using the total weight gain associated with all eight valves.
"However, whilst individual animals may not grow quite as fast on a rotational grazing system, the total weight gain per hectare is vastly increased when compared to set stocking."