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THDTotal Harmonic Distortion
THDThe Home Depot (stock symbol)
THDThread (File Name Extension)
THDThe Dalles (Amtrak station code; Dalles, OR)
THDTulsa Health Department (Tulsa, OK)
THDTechnological Hazards Division (US FEMA)
THDTransmitting Heading Device (navigation)
THDDoctor of Theology
THDTemporary Housing Division (The Solution Group; various locations)
THDTechnische Hochschule Darmstadt
THDTegra High Definition (Nvidia)
THDThrough-Hole Device
THDTechnical Help Desk
THDTechnical Hole Deviation (drilling)
THDTop Horizontal Discharge
THDTotal Hop Distance
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The complete sinusoidal waveform is obtained after usage of the filter indicating the reduction in the total harmonic distortion.
Total harmonic distortion of the three phases measured by the CA 8332B at the 34.
The measured results of harmonics magnitude, individual harmonics distortion and total harmonic distortion of different UPSs are shown in table 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
For each m level inverter, the simulation results will include the waves previously mentioned and their total harmonic distortion.
Figures 2a and 2b are narrow-band spectrum displays produced using fast Fourier transform (FFT) software; FFT theory is further described in the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) section below.
Through the system, users can measure the energy consumption of specific applications or circuits by day and hour, analyse and compare total harmonic distortion, produce reports and plot trends.
These lamps will have life span of 10,000 hours, two years warranty and total harmonic distortion less than 30%.
The Weighted Total Harmonic Distortion factor for passive or active R-L loads in which the resistance is either frequency independent or frequency dependent (i.
A power monitoring system can measure the harmonics in a power system and provide information on total harmonic distortion (THD).
According to the company, its harmonic reduction technology, packaged as an 18-pulse ac drive for motors up to 800 hp, reduces the total harmonic distortion common to 6-pulse drives to less than 5 percent.
Additional specifications include total harmonic distortion of less than -75 dB and very low noise floor spectrum at -90 dB.
A single button initiates the measurements and the results are displayed in a table listing, in the harmonics analysis case, the frequency and level of each harmonic plus the total harmonic distortion of the measured signal.
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