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Caption: A total hip replacement consists of a metal or ceramic ball mounted atop a metal stem driven into the femur.
Arthroscopic psoas release for iliopsoas impingement after total hip replacement.
But femoral nerve palsy after total hip replacement is a rare complication.
Radiological demarcation of cemented sockets in total hip replacement.
Symposium on Metal-on-metal Total Hip Replacement Devices (2012: Phoenix, AZ) Edited by Steven M.
By Ashraf Padanna/Thiruvananthapuram In what is claimed to be a first in India and a rare feat globally, doctors in Kerala have performed a total hip replacement surgery on a patient with a transplanted heart.
Four of them received total hip replacement and the remained nine received artificial bipolar femoral head replacement.
Different options including arthrodesis, Girdlestone arthroplasty and total hip replacement (THR) are used for its treatment.
The outcome of total hip replacement in obese and non-obese patients at 10- to 18-years.
In December 2012, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons, and the Hip Society issued a statement on these devices, which said that recent reports from national joint registries have reported that the failure rates of total hip replacement surgery using metal-on-metal implants are two- to threefold higher than "contemporary" total hip replacement surgery using non-metal-on-metal devices.
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