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TWTalk(ed) With
TWRepublic of China (Including Taiwan & Pescadores Island)
TWTomorrow's World (UK TV programme)
TWTotal War (gaming)
TWTotal Weight
TWTime Warner
TWToxic Waste
TWTilt Wheel
TWTiger Woods
TWTollywood (south Indian film industry)
TWTop of Wall (surveying)
TWTwickenham (postcode, United Kingdom)
TWTraffic Warden (UK)
TWTorchwood (British sci-fi series; Doctor Who spin-off)
TWTraveling Wave
TWThird World
TWTongue Weight (shipping)
TWTurbine Wheel
TWTwo Wheeler
TWTotally Wasted
TWTribal War (gaming community)
TWTeam Work
TWThird Wheel
TWThe What?
TWTwin Cities (ammunition headstamp)
TWTwaddle (unit of measure)
TWTe Weten (Dutch: to wit)
TWTotal Water Content
TWTrapped Wind
TWTransit Windsor (Canada)
TWTribalwar (online community)
TWTechnology Watch
TWTravel Weekly (publication)
TWTime Bandwidth
TWTransformer Windings
TWTrumans Water (band)
TWTile World (Chip's Challenge emulator)
TWTourism Whistler
TWTrainers Workshop
TWTulsa World (Tulsa, OK newspaper)
TWThird Watch (TV show)
TWTeraWatt (10^12 watts)
TWTrade Weighted
TWTokyo Weekender (Magazine)
TWTrench Wars (gaming website)
TWTrojan Wall (Age of Mythology game type)
TWTheatreWorks (theatrical equipment business)
TWTaiwanese Women
TWTare Weight
TWTactical Wank
TWTarget Weight (kidney dialysis)
TWTropical Warfare
TWThreat Warning
TWTest Wafer
TWTekWar (video game)
TWT'way Air Co., Ltd. (airline; South Korea)
TWThermoplastic Wire
TWTransmit Wavelength (Nortel)
TWTime Waived (criminal justice)
TWTheatreWorks (theatre company)
TWThermit Welding
TWTactical Warning
TWTelstra Wholesale (Australia)
TWTrigger Warning
TWThrow Weight (Star Trek fan site)
TWTechnowizard (Rifts roleplaying game)
TWTeam Wound (gaming slang)
TWTholian Web (Star Trek)
TWTactical Weather
TWTest Witness
TWTackles Won (soccer)
TWThought Withdrawal
TWTransmitter Window
TWTrue Watt
TWTechnical Writer/Writing
TWTargeting and Weaponeering
TWTuring Word
TWTactical Warfare Ashore
TWThreat Evaluation/Weapon Assignment (Tartar Module)
TWTactical Warning Segment
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Young tourists travelling the island think they failed if they do not get themselves totally wasted during their visit.
Abdulwahed from alumninium giant ALBA Reduction Lines 1 & 2 was crowned overall champion of the event and also won the Gold in the 90kg category while Ebrahim clinched victory in the 80kg category.Somehow, muscles like that would be totally wasted if the guys had office jobs.
Tina leaves with a bag of stolen cash so the trip wasn't totally wasted.
But if somebody's got to get totally wasted to teach America, God bless.''
(Tue, Electric) The Sweeney (15) Another Nick Love hymn to thuggish, macho sexists, it has energy, but the action's cheap, the plot's a risible mess, Ray Winstone's a brutish Regan, Ben Drew makes almost no impression as Carter and Damien Lewis's totally wasted in a nothing role as their boss.
"It's embarrassing to have an empty seat on the panel in filming sessions as the footage is almost totally wasted. If a great singer appears and producers want to use the audition, you have to tell viewers why Britney wasn't there.
I was horrified when I saw the amount of space which has been totally wasted. The bus lanes should have been left there because they were beneficial to everyone.
The consequences of using the wrong treatment is most of the time stress, disappointment, frustration and a considerable amount of money totally wasted, said the study done by the UAE branch of DHI, one of the world's largest medical organisations for hair restoration.
TIGER WOODS went in two lakes and 11 bunkers as he totally wasted what had earlier been a flying start to the USPGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club.
"Sometimes the others tend not to use the pacemaker, but it is something of a catch-22 because if you don't jump off and go quick your job as the pacemaker has been totally wasted. If everything piles up behind you and the horse you are there to lead is pulling and getting into trouble, that is probably worse than going too fast."
Imagine the money that had been spent on images, publicity shots and marketing now being totally wasted because she doesn't look like that anymore.