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TrFrTransferrin Receptor
TrFrTotal Recordable Frequency Rate
TrFrTime-Resolved Faraday Rotation (physics)
TrFrThe Ride For Rwanda (trans-continental bike ride)
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Tenders are invited for Supply of L Filteration of transformer oil of 1000 KVA, 630 KVA Trs and 315KVA auto Trfr,Topping up of oil - if reqd Quantity:1800,Replacement of silica gel in Transformer 1 and Transformer 2 01,Repainting of Auto TR with enamel paint 02,Repainting of the 1OOOK VA Tr & cable bus duct with one coat enamel paint 01,Repainting of the 630KVA Tr & cable bus duct with one coat enamel paint 01,Leakage arresting in fins of 1000KVA Transformer from Buch relay 01 , Transportation charges of the machine and equipments to the site 01
Limited Tenders are invited for Empty Exc Trfr Cubicle-Mangdechhu Hep - 4.