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TRACERTTrace Route (utility/command to determine TCP/IP packet routing)
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The post instructs users to perform a trace route to the servers ( and reply with the results as well as the name of the ISP and geographical location on the same thread.
Its IP ping and TRACE route features are useful tools to validate whether or not a particular IP host can be reached through the network.
Additional features include on-board software diagnostic tools, including a packet header sniffer, trace route, ping and dial tools.
P500 Card includes the following features - compatibility with IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g standards; finds available Wi-Fi networks and performs such features as network ping and trace route functions; enables user to monitor signal strength; supports voice over Wi-Fi feature with Skype software.
It also can be used to trace route, fetch ICQ contacts' IP addresses, or do a "whois" search for domain names.
-- Sophisticated diagnostic tools such as Ping, Trace Route, Syslog and Telnet client.
However, the biggest change that AMD has made to the chip is to include serial interface into the chip and 256k trace cache that allows developers to access trace route and register information.
In addition the device is able to perform advanced features such as network ping and trace route functions and supports open, 40/64 and 128-bit WEP encryption, 802.1x authentication with EAP-TLS or PEAP.
Relying on trace route and ping or performance statistics when it had access to remote routers, the networking team at TAMU would try to put together many individual pieces and to figure out what was affecting the quality of the videoconference.