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In order to meet the accurate trajectory tracking, the tracking error e (t) - [q.sub.d] (t) - q (t) should be minimized as much as possible.
Keywords Exchange traded funds * Tracking error * Country-specific ETFs
The main contribution of this work is to prove the monotonic convergence of the proposed scheme where the tracking error trial-to-trial will converge to zero even though the system has the initial resetting state.
Finally, the boundedness of path tracking error [omega](t) will be proved.
By contrast, an adaptive loop gain control method assisted by FLL has been designed for fast convergence from pull-in to tracking mode and decreasing tracking error when PLL has to deal with high-dynamic movement [7].
The dynamic of each agent contains time-varying nonlinear dynamic and external disturbance, where the time-varying nonlinear term satisfies the global Lipschitz condition and the disturbance term satisfies norm-bounded condition; (ii) different from [26, 27], an improved high-order iterative learning control scheme is applied to guarantee the tracking error convergence in the iteration domain.
Many works focus on the research for the influence of tracking error on the optical performance or flux distribution of dish concentrator system [14-21], but they do not consider the influence of EATD tracking error.
These functions, [[rho].sub.V] and [[rho].sub.h], change from 0 to the large negative numbers as the tracking error approaches zero [23].
With the use of same day settled prices, volatility experienced from forward settlement switches is reduced, as is the tracking error for asset managers with daily portfolio flows.
Parenthetically, this discussion brings up another problem with tracking error that is covered in this 2015 blog by Jason Voss: "Alpha Wounds: Bad Adjunct Methodologies." It is an active investment manager's job to outperform the benchmark and by a wide margin.
In a statement, MyHermes said it has apologised to Mr Rice for the "tracking error", adding: "We do accept that our communication was inconsistent and not to our usual standard."
e is the tracking error between the actual states and the desired states.