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TPRBTrade Policy Review Body (World Trade Organization)
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Teehankee, chaired his first meeting as the new chairperson of the Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB) during the Trade Policy Review of Bangladesh, succeeding Ambassador Eloi Laourou of Benin.
Young, the current chair of the WTO's Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB), mentioned the member countries' appreciation for several facets of the UAE's trading policy, including the commitment to low customs tariffs and the implementation of common external GCC customs tariffs that vary between zero to five per cent.
YOUNG (Hong Kong, China), the current chair of the WTO's Trade Policy Review Body (TPRB), said, "The completion of the UAE's third Trade Policy Review coincided with the 20th anniversary of the country's accession to the World Trade Organization.
Trade Policy Country report to the WTO Trade Policy Review body comprising of 160 WTO member countries.
Mariam Salleh, the chairwoman of the WTO's Trade Policy Review Body, said members believed the law would shift U.S.
"They [WTO members] encouraged the UAE to speed up the promulgation of its new law on the liberalisation of foreign investment and modernise the business environment," said Eduardo Munoz, the chairman of the WTO's Trade Policy Review Body.
The WTO trade policy review body currently monitors WTO countries for trade distorting stimuli; they should collaborate with the International Labour Organization to see how the same stimuli affect employment.
<p>The WTO report, along with a policy statement by the government, will be the basis for the Trade Policy Review (TPR) by the Trade Policy Review Body of the World Trade Organization.
MEXICO CITY: World Trade Organisation Trade Policy Review Body meets.
Ambassador Juan Carlos Gonzales, Colombias Permanent Representative and Chairperson of the Trade Policy Review Body of the WTO, recognized that the Review offered an excellent opportunity for other WTO Members to deepen their understanding of the trade, economic, and investment policies of the Philippines, pointing out that more than 330 questions from 22 Members were submitted to the Philippines during the review process.