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TCASTraffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCASTransactions on Circuits and Systems (IEEE)
TCASTraffic Collision Avoidance System
TCASTrinity College of Arts and Sciences (Duke University; North Carolina)
TCASThree Counties Agricultural Society (UK)
TCAST-Carrier Administration System
TCASTerminal Control Address Space (MVS/TSO)
TCASTechnical Control and Analysis System
TCASTechnical Center for Agricultural Services
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Currently various systems in use for detection and avoidance of collisions in airport environment such as Runway Debris Monitoring System, Runway Incursion Detection System, Obstacle avoidance system and Traffic Collision Avoidance System. These systems have limitations that are broadly categorized as, coverage limitations, inability to cover blind spots, standalone systems, need of additional equipment on the air/ground vehicles and unavailability of the unresponsive system etc.
The update also provides a growth path to game-changing new safety enhancements in the S-92 cockpit, such as fully integrated traffic collision avoidance system and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast out.
Australian investigators report says safety system was not working in Qantas A330 close call near Adelaide AIR Safety investigators have revealed that the traffic collision avoidance system in one of two Qantas Airbus A330s which came too close to each other near Adelaide last month was not working.
The crashed aircraft carried safety gear including weather radar, a Traffic Collision Avoidance System and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, he said.
About 17 seconds later, the Traffic Collision Avoidance System urged the Dragonair flight to climb and the Cathay Pacific flight to descend as the planes passed each other.
An ATC official told Arab News that the incident occurred on Thursday night about 120 nautical miles west of Mumbai, and was noticed when the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) of the Gulf Air flight GF 064 heading toward Mumbai alerted the pilot of an intruding aircraft -- Saudi Arabian Airlines SV 601.
The H-72 is commercial Eurocopter EC-145, which includes standard features such as air conditioning, jettisonable crew doors, an underwater locator beacon, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, and a fixed beam cargo hook.
Researchers are combining electro-optical sensors with information from the traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) to detect cooperative air traffic.
Options on the plane include a Part 135 Package, which enables the jet to be used in commercial operation; a copilot package; SkyWatch HP, a traffic collision avoidance system; Class B terrain awareness warning system; and a radar altimeter.
Further enhancements include a traffic collision avoidance system that sends an audible message--to climb or descend--to the flight crew in order to prevent a collision.
Go said the onboard Traffic Collision Avoidance System was activated when the two jets were 10 miles apart.