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India was the largest source of tourist traffic to Sri Lanka with 22% of the total traffic received in September 2018.
Caption: Figure 5: (a) IPTV traffic received. (b) IPTV traffic sent.
In only a 12 month period, the traffic received on the UK's premier online recruitment domain has increased Six Fold.
Mohammed bin Awad al Rowas, Director General of Traffic received here today heads of the AGCC delegations taking part at the Traffic Week activities.
The Figure 7 depicts maximum traffic sent through the WLAN is approximately 1 Mbps and the traffic received is nearly 1.75 Mbps which is a converged network of UMTS and WLAN.
The civilian employee at General Directorate of Traffic received combat training from Al Ansar and travelled to Iran three times to deliver money to Al Qaeda, according to Bahrain's National Security Agency (NSA).
Since the advertisements are displayed based on key word searches, the increased traffic received would be targeted toward your specific demographic, increasing the chance for a closed sale.
Throughput metric represents traffic received load vs.
Traffic received a big boost from last autumn's Rugby World Cup, which saw thousands of fans travel to France to cheer on the home nations.
Sensys Traffic received the new order, valued at approximately SEK2.5m, through its distributor UniTraffic AB.
terminating traffic received from carrier B, then carrier B is entitled
Douglas Smith, president of Network Instruments said: "Observer, now enhanced with a number of custom decodes, will give SmartBits users a capability in addition to stress testing--upper layer protocol analysis of traffic received from the network.
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