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TFZTechnologie-und Förderzentrum (German: Technology and Support Center)
TFZTechnology and Support Centre (Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry; Germany)
TFZTranslation Function Z-Score
TFZTriebfahrzeug (German: Traction Unit; Railway)
TFZTanger Free Zone (commercial consortium; Morocco)
TFZThe Fight Zone (martial arts)
TFZTierforschungszentrum (German: Animal Research Center)
TFZTalentförderungszentrum (German: Talent Development Center)
TFZTask Force Zeta (gaming)
TFZTherapie-und Fortbildungszentrum (German: Therapy and Training Center)
TFZThiol-Functionalized Zeolite
TFZThe Film Zone (cable channel)
TFZTieber Freizeitzentrum (German: Tieber Leisure Cente; Austria)
TFZThe Frag Zone (gaming)
TFZTjörnes Fracture Zone (seismic zone; Iceland)
TFZTeaching from Zion
TFZThe Freight Zone (shipping; various locations)
TFZTransformers Zone
TFZTaxi Fahrdienst Zentrale (German: Taxi Car Service Center)
TFZTask Force Zener (gaming)
TFZTraffic Flow Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)
TFZTraffic Zone
TFZTechnology Free Zone
TFZTask Force Zulu (Airsoft gaming team)
TFZThreshing Floor Ministry (est. 2011)
TFZTajhiz Fan Avaran Zangan Company (lab equipment; Iran)
TFZTwitter Fan Zone
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Parvaneh Salahshouri, a Tehran city councilor, said the main aim of the plan should be to "manage the movement of motorcycles in traffic zones, not to make money for the municipality.
The high traffic zones had traffic density of 10,000-12,000 vehicles/day; medium traffic zones have traffic density of 6000-8,000 vehicles/day and the low traffic density zones have traffic density less than 5,000 vehicle/day.
The contract, awarded by Vagverket (the Swedish road administration), covered the construction of a 12-kilometre stretch between Falun and Ornas, including two bridges, a traffic zone and reconstruction of existing local roads, Peab said.
Barrels may be used to separate the work zone from the traffic zone in critical areas.
In a city where traffic jams at 2am are commonplace - once we crossed into the no traffic zone, the quiet streets were eerie.
The product also incorporates HydraCore, an enhanced moisture-resistant coreboard that Bruce says is specially treated with resins to be resistant to swelling, Bruce also introduced SoundGuard, a sound dampening layer that is directly attached to the underside of some of its Traffic Zone planks.
The mission of those two vessels is to safely escort a laden tanker through a traffic zone," Till said.
A leak test with a propulsion should be designed for the icebreaker so that it can work in combination with a pusher in the saimaa area and the saimaa canal as a category 1 icebreaker and also on the coast in traffic zone i.
SSP Traffic Zone (IV), SP, DSP driving license branch and other senior traffic police officers were also present on the occasion.
The Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ) has been implemented in Rome since October 2001 which uses an automated access control system including a flat fare RP (Road Pricing) Scheme, in order to limit private vehicle access to the historic city centre.
Washington, October 06 (ANI): A new research suggests that pedestrians walking in a heavy traffic zone can avoid the pollution by simply moving a little away.