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13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success is a powerful survey that's highly recommended for anyone facing barriers to feeling life's success, and comes from a psychotherapist who shares her tips on how to gather mental strength and recognize self-induced obstacles to empowerment and joy.
Norfolk Southern is bringing its Train Your Brain public safety campaign to Indiana to encourage motorists to be smart and safe when crossing train tracks.
Train Your Brain Puzzle Book: Perplexing Puzzles is a consumable activity book for all ages, packed with 84 word, maze, logic, and math puzzles (note that only simple math skills are required, not algebra).
The app will help you train your brain while having fun at the same time and it is best suited for players ages 12 and up.
You can train your brain to separate positive signals from noise.
A recent study shows you may be able to train your brain into craving better-for-you foods.
The key to making impulsivity work for you--instead of against you--is to train your brain by practicing pausing.
Train Your Brain With Numbers And Lyrics There are many different ways in which you can train your brain, but a pleasant and efficient way is to train it with song lyrics aACAo after all, who does not like song lyrics?
The working memory advantage; train your brain to function stronger, smarter, faster.
It is hard to spend any time on the web and not see an ad for a website that promises to train your brain, fix your attention, and increase your IQ," psychological scientist and lead researcher Randall Engle of Georgia Institute of Technology, said.
A programme of RunChallenge events is being held in Redcar and Cleveland which, organisers say, will train your brain and body.
The more you train your brain to do so, the more you get distracted and the less able you are to even focus for brief periods of time on things like creative or contemplative thinking.