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TRACSTraction Control System
TRACSTransnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools
TRACSTenant Rental Assistance Certification System (HUD)
TRACSTraffic and Criminal Software
TRACSTraction Control System (Volvo)
TRACSTexas Review and Comment System
TRACSTransit Advisory Committee for Safety (US DOT)
TRACSThe Responsible Animal Care Society (Westbank, British Columbia, Canada)
TRACSTravel Adventure Cinema Society
TRACSTeaching, Research, and Collaboration System (open-source course management system)
TRACSTraffic Speed Condition Survey (UK)
TRACSTerminal Radar and Control System (Air Traffic Control System used by Canadian Forces)
TRACSTool for Rapid Advanced Cockpit Simulation
TRACSTransportable Range Augmentation and Control System
TRACSTraining Control System
TRACSTracking Resource Allocation Cognitive Strategies (MIT)
TRACSTotal Risk Assessment and Control System
TRACSTrends in Atmospheric Constituents Study
TRACSTerminal Roadway and Curbside Simulation (airport models)
TRACSTransportation Requirements and Capabilities Simulation Model
TRACSTransportable Radar and Communications Simulator (ATK Electronic Warfare Systems)
TRACSTreasury Receivable Accounting & Collection System
TRACSTheater Replacement Accountability System
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