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means that the swap is located in broader transaction context (to
When the call to the customer is made, the agent knows the entire transaction context, who the customer is, and his or her purchase history, all helping to resolve the issue quickly.
Multichannel Framework - Enables customers to navigate seamlessly across multiple channels without losing the transaction context
IRules component wrappers also provide support for the global transaction context as well as the synchronization of method execution with the nested execution of integration rules.
During rule processing, the rule manager interfaces with the transaction manager to establish the transaction context for rule execution.
Section 4.3 discusses the support that IRules component wrappers provide for the global transaction context as well as the synchronization of rule and method execution.
There are four transactions represented by four different swimlanes [45], one for each transaction context of the application transactions and rules.
For example, suppose rule [R.sub.x] triggers immediate synchronous rule [R.sub.y], and the transaction contexts of [R.sub.x] and [R.sub.y] are [T.sub.x] and [T.sub.y], respectively.
We pick up the idea of a transaction context that is forwarded in application calls as suggested in the WS-transaction proposals: When a transaction is instantiated in the transaction monitor it gets a unique identifier.
In order to achieve this goal, OMG has defined some roles such as transactional client, transactional object, recoverable object, and transaction context.
ORB associates a Transaction Context with each Control object.
For example, if a global transaction manager is activated in shared mode, it would be necessary to preserve the transaction contexts in different threads.
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